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After witnessing the effects of hunger firsthand when traveling as a United Nations World Food Programme Student Spokesperson, Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED in 2007 with the mission of "Creating Good Products That Help FEED the World." Every product sold has a measurable donation attached to it and, to date, the social business has been able to provide nearly 87 million meals globally through the WFP and Feeding America. FEED has also supported nutrition programs around the world, providing over 3.6 million children with Vitamin A supplements through the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

FEED is a social business with the mission of creating good products that help FEED the world. The FEED Foundation, the non-profit arm of FEED, was also established to support programs and organizations that are effectively working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition throughout the world.

Every FEED product has a specific and individual donation attached to the sale of the item. Rather than donating a "percentage of the profits or proceeds" like other organizations, FEED donates a specific amount of money from each product sold. The donation is built into the cost of the product - so it is an exact and tangible amount of money for each product. For example, for every purchase of the FEED 10 pouch, 10 school meals are provided to children. The donations from these 10 meals are then made by FEED to the UN World Food Programme (or our other partner organizations such as the U.S. Fund for UNICEF), based on the number of products sold to date at that time.