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FEED started five years ago with the simple mission to create good products that help feed the world. As a student, I was inspired to design the first FEED bag after traveling to several countries with the UN World Food Programme and learning about the realities of hunger and poverty firsthand. It is staggering that every five seconds a child dies because of hunger or malnutrition and that one in seven people around the world go to bed hungry every night. Yet there is hope: when children receive the proper food and nutrition that they need to grow and thrive though school meals, micronutrient supplements, Vitamin A, and other nutrition solutions, they are given a chance at a healthy life and the opportunity to break out of the poverty-cycle into which they were born.

I am proud of FEED's mission and how we have worked towards the goal of ending hunger by forming meaningful partnerships and growing the FEED brand organically and authentically. What started with a simple idea and one tote bag has evolved into many FEED products that are made and sold around the world in support of organizations and programs that are effectively fighting hunger and malnutrition. By breaking down this complex issue, FEED has become a conduit for individuals to get involved and contribute. Consumers seamlessly become donors and meals are given as a result.

Thanks to the dedication of our FEED team, our partners, our donors, and our beloved customers, we have truly contributed to changing the world one bag and one child at a time!

Lauren Bush Lauren