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FEED + Target

Arrives June 30, 2013

I am so excited to introduce our exclusive FEED USA collection with Target, which benefits Feeding America, our joint effort to help fight hunger. The collection features more than 50 lifestyle products, including denim shirts, bags, bikes, and much more. Our goal? We hope to provide 10 million meals to children and families, making this the largest U.S. initiative in FEED's history.

Over the past few months, I have had the amazing opportunity to travel across America and visit communities that are affected by hunger. From San Francisco to rural Tennessee I met with students, moms and seniors, and it was unfortunately clear how much food assistance is needed.

I encourage everyone not only to shop the FEED USA + Target collection, but also to get educated and get involved in the issue of hunger in America. It is a solvable problem. And together, we can provide more than just meals. We can foster hope and dignity across our great country.

Cheers, Lauren

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Hunger by the numbers

We're honored to be partnering with Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief charity. Feeding America supports more than 37 million Americans each year, including 14 million children.

a member of Feeding America

1 in 6 Americans are affected by hunger

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, nearly 17 million children are living in food-insecure households.

More than 50 million Americans do not have dependable access to enough food due to limited money and resources.

A closer look at hunger.

Here's what we're finding as we travel the country, learning how to better help children and families in America.


Feed USA + Target

Explore the collection and help us fight hunger.

messenger bag in green equals 24 meals, tote in denim equals 24 meals
large tote equals 20 meals
burlap reusable bag equals 8 meals
reusable bag equals 5 meals
denim crossbody bag equals 20 meals
canvas backpack equals 28 meals
blue foldable bike equals 320 meals
red foldable bike equals 320 meals
bike helmet equals 28 meals
water bottle equals 10 meals
women's tees equals 12-16 meals
scarf equals 14 meals
mens tees equals 12 meals
baseball hats equals 12 meals
3 peice onsies equals 15 meals
3 piece bib set equals 12 meals
Throw blankets equals 24 meals
Toss Pillow set 1 equals 20 meals
Toss Pillow set 2 equals 20 meals
Toss Pillow set 3 equals 20 meals
Fabric Bag set equals 24 meals
Wire storage bin equals 20 meals
Apron equals 12 meals
3 pack kitchen towels equals 6 meals
5 piece cookie cutter set equals 8 meals
small and medium cansiter equals 11 meal, large equals 12 meals
stoneware pie plate equals 12 meals
small stoneware pan equals 13 meals
medium stoneware pan equals 16 meals
large stoneware pan equals 20 meals
set of 4 melamine appetizer plates equals 8 meals
serving bowl equals 20 meals
lunch bags equals 8 meals
2 snack pack pouches equals 3 meals
travel mug equals 10 meals
felt coasters 4 pack equals 4 meals
planner equals 12 meals, pencil case with pencils equals 5 meals
journal equals 10 meals
notebook set of 3 equals 3 meals
blank notecards 12 count equals 8 meal
playing cards 2 pack equals 4 meals
iPhone 5 cases equals 20 meals
iPad folio equals 28 meals
stackable bracelets equals 12 meals
wrap bracelet equals 12 meals, necklace with charm equals 14 meals
bracelet with feed logo equals 6 meals, necklace with feed plate equals 12 meals
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