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Conscious Buys: V Day
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Conscious Buys: V Day
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Conscious Buys: V Day

Valentine’s Day is a moment of kindness and love; however you choose to celebrate it and whomever you celebrate it with. So, in the spirit of love (and pink and chocolate), today we’re sharing our latest list of conscious buys perfect for the loved ones in your life and through their impact, perfect for the world.

Bracelet Love Note Combo
Perfect for showing your girlfriends some love, these Valentine bracelets are as cute as they are impactful. Each single-strand bracelet, handmade, using recycled paper, by artisans in Uganda and Indonesia, is attached to a sweet note. It’s a simple gift that tells a big story.  

Maslo Jewelry
This Maslo Jewelry, whether the necklace or the bracelet (or both), will be the most unique gift you give this Valentine’s Day. Crafted by a Virginia-based designer, each piece is unique and delicate, influenced by the maker’s world travels and cultural relics of art and history. We love how the pieces combine the past with the modern feel of the present.

Premium Sheet Masks
It seems everywhere we look for beauty inspo – Instagram, our favorite celebrities, recommendations from our friends – we’re seeing sheet masks lately. The only downside: there are way too many to choose from! Well, rest easy, because we’ve gone ahead and chosen for you. This Peach & Lily set is fantastic because you get three different masks, each targeting a different skincare need. The masks are packed full of potent SuperSkin ingredients and never include anything synthetic, artificial or harsh.

Nontoxic Nail Polish
No, we don’t really need another nail polish, but how do we say no to a perfect nude Ecru shade like this one from LVX. It’s cheaper than a Valentine’s Day manicure, right? In addition to being long-lasting and chip-resistant, this gel-like ‘7 free’ formula is created without any parabens, xylene, formaldehyde or TPHP, among other harmful ingredients excluded.  It’s also entirely vegan and made here in the U.S.A. Win, win.

Little Heart Love Card
As much as we love sending hand-written cards, we know it isn’t always great for the environment. Luckily, these adorable Little Heart Love Cards are. Simplistically designed and detailed, these cards are made from eco-friendly paper stock.

Limited Edition Love Bandana
We’re partial to this sweet gift, and not just for obvious reasons. This new limited-edition Love Bandana pairs excellently with our favorite FEED bags and looks especially cute tied around our necks on chambray shirt days (aka every day). Each bandana gives 10 school meals when purchased.

Shupaca Alpaca Throw
If you haven’t gotten on the Reformation bandwagon yet, it’s time to hop on board. As with all of their products, sustainability is at the heart of the design, creating clothing and accessories with a fraction of the environmental impact, without sacrificing style. The alpaca wool of this cozy throw is much better for the environment than cashmere, but just as soft. Getting one for the office couch. And maybe a few more for our desk chairs.

Pom Pom Keychain
Whether you use this adorable pom pom keychain as a fun giftwrap addition or adorn your tote bag with it, this colorful touch adds just the right amount of whimsy. Created by an artisan group of seven women between the ages of 18 and 50 in the Mexican state of Chiapas, every keychain from Macvilho is handmade with wool harvested from the collective’s own sheep. This keychain will serve as a daily reminder of the power of female entrepreneurship to create a better world.

Sea Salt Body Scrub
Born out of the California kitchen of two herbalists passionate about fostering truth, transparency and minimal waste in the personal care industry, this Earth Tu Face scrub is therapeutic, delightfully scented and most importantly, good for your body and the planet. One quick look at the ingredient list is demonstrative of their commitment to creating 100% plant-based and natural skincare with food-grade, recognizable and nontoxic ingredients like dead sea salts and organic safflower oil. To up the relaxation ante this V Day, you can even use this scrub as a detoxifying herbal bath soak.

Madécasse Chocolate Bar
Feb 14 festivities are not complete without a little (read: a lot) of chocolate. We tell ourselves it’s okay if we choose a bar that does a little good. In our search for a bar that benefited more than just our taste buds, we learned that that approximately 70 percent of the world’s cocoa comes from Africa, but less than one percent of chocolate is actually made there? This chocolate bar, in addition to being pure salty-sweet-crunchy joy, benefits cocoa farmers in Madagascar by creating jobs and keeping the entire supply chain within Madagascar.  

Candy Lipstick
This candy is truly a work of art. No really—they’ve been on display at The Whitney museum in NYC and at ArtBasel in Miami. Hand painted, one-of-a-kind creations, these Sweet Saba lipstick candy tubes are as delicious as they are unique. They even freshen your breath and give you a boost with added Vitamin C and antioxidants. Watch out, you may find yourself reaching for these over your actual lipsticks.

A Lotto Ticket of Love
What if there was a lotto ticket you could buy that would benefit the world? Guess what, there is! These lotto card packs from Lotto Love come with two colorful cards and a whole heap of impact. The winning gift is a variation of ‘basic needs,’ including clean water, solar light, literacy tools and nutritious meals. The amount of each gift is a fun surprise. .Everyone wins..


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