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Lauren's Letter: August Simplicity
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Lauren's Letter: August Simplicity

Lauren's Letter: August Simplicity

Summer is all about simplicity. The best summer activities are the ones that take me back to the basics. Tranquil mornings on the beach, building sandcastles, s’mores by a crackling fire, quiet city blocks and outdoor dinners. But the summer months are not entirely free from the usual stresses and obligations, so I'm implementing a more minimal and centering approach to life, one that will allow me to squeeze every last minute out of August and really be present. Who's with me?


Headspace App

Meditation is something I wish I discovered earlier in life. I have found that it’s such a simple way to center myself, even if I only have 5 minutes, and I can do it anywhere. If I’m on the subway headed to the FEED Shop & Cafe, or just sitting in my office on a particularly busy day, it’s reassuring to know that I can take a few minutes for myself and emerge calmer and more focused.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Living in New York City will force anyone to be a minimalist, but working in the fashion industry and having a family, I catch myself accumulating more things than I need. The simple message of this book is truly life-changing: if something does not bring you happiness, get rid of it. I’ve found that even more happiness comes from donating what I don’t need or use. I’d recommend the VVA as a good place to start.


Invest in a style uniform 

The best summer uniform is simple, lightweight and versatile (aka linen and more linen). It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Ralph Lauren. I love that my RL staples have a timeless quality I can repurpose from season to season, keeping my style consistent. I feel the same way about Eileen Fisher. To me, her brand is the epitome of effortless simplicity. But it’s what she stands for--sustainability, great design, and women’s empowerment--that inspires me to make her pieces a core of my style uniform.

Catch up

Up First Podcast

It’s important to me to stay caught up on the day’s top stories, but with the exception of quiet Sunday mornings with my coffee and the New York Times, I rarely have time to sift through everything I feel like I should read. A friend recently recommended NPR’s daily news podcast Up First, and it’s quickly became a staple in my morning routine. Fresh news and commentary ready every morning at 6am and it’s only 10 minutes, meaning between the time I leave my apartment and get to the office, I feel ready to discuss the day’s biggest stories with my savvy team.


Rhino Pouch

Our design team has been killing it lately developing new bag styles for every occasion, so I have more reasons than ever to switch up my tote on the daily. While I love keeping my look fresh, constant bag changes have led to many a morning of getting to the office only to realize my keys are still in yesterday’s tote. I’ve realized how handy a cute pouch is in helping me keep all the essentials in one place for easy transfer between bags. Really loving our new Rhino Pouch lately.