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FEED Supper 2016: The Global Table

This year, we're taking Supper on a global giving adventure, infusing new meaning into to what it means to truly share a meal.


Mexico is steeped in rich culinary traditions, colorful fiestas, and a national history dating back to the Aztecs. There’s so much Supper inspiration to draw from the country that introduced chocolate, chilies and corn to the world.


A spiritual, cultural and culinary mecca for centuries, no other country rivals India in its ability to awaken all five senses. Take your guests on a trip around the world to explore the diversity of people, terrain, food and spiritual practice that makes India one of the most magical places in the world.


Find out why this West African country holds the nickname of Gold Coast. Host a Supper that celebrates the beauty of Ghanian people, history and craft, while enjoying the food and music that make this coastal terrain unlike anywhere else in the world.


Take a cue from the best of American tradition for a Supper that invites guests to help their fellow citizens in need. From a rich farm to table heritage, to the melting pot influence of global cuisines, there’s more to explore here than you might think.

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September 16 - October 16

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