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Pink WOAM Ribbon Pack Stacked View

Woman On A Mission Nomination Ribbon Pack

Provides 5 school meals

For International Women's Day, and every other day, we created a set of nomination ribbons for the Women on a Mission in your life. Hand out this set of five ribbons to the ladies who inspire you. Your work wife, sister, BFFs, girl-crushes, and your mom – definitely don't forget your mom. 

  • Includes 5 ribbons
  • Pink ribbon with black print
  • 2" W X 6" L
  • Pinked ribbon ends
Provides 5 school meals

How does my purchase make an impact?

  • Nutrition

    By delivering nutritious meals and micronutrients, we invest in the health of local families and communities. Consistent access to nutrient-rich food and supplements helps children learn, grow, and thrive.
  • Education

    By investing in school meals, we are investing in education. Not only do guaranteed nutritious meals give children the energy they need to focus and learn, but these meals also incentivize parents to send their children to school.
  • Careers

    Our artisan products are made with cooperatives that provide sustainable livelihoods to people in the regions where we give meals.

Where we are helping

Families affected by civil confict or natural disasters are often the most vulnerable to hunger. We help provide emergency meals during humanitarian crises, as we did in Syria to support the WFP's efforts to assist over 2.5 million Syrian refugees.
Egypt is just one of the countries in which we support mother-child nutrition programs, providing packets of innovative nutrient powders that ensure that a mother and her baby receive the right nutrition during the first 1,000 days between her pregnancy and her child's second birthday.
United States - Minneapolis
49 million Americans struggle with food insecurity, which means they do not know where their next meal is coming from. In 2013, FEED launched giving in the U.S. by partnering with Target to create a limited-edition FEED USA Collection. The partnership provided meals to over 14 million children and families across the country.
Guatemala has the highest rate of malnutrition in Latin America. Our FEED Guatemala collection has helped provide over 13.3 million micronutrient packets to children who are chronically malnourished.
Through our partnership with Whole Foods and your purchases over the last eight years, we've helped provide over 43 million school meals in Rwanda (our greatest giving in one country to date!).
We've helped provide over 4.1 million school meals in Kenya to date. We also work with artisan groups in the country, providing much-needed employment and an opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty.
Since a massive earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, we've provided school meals for Haiti's children - over 1.1 million meals - as the country rebuilds and faces challenges in nutrition, health, and education.

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